Eric keynotes at Clean Gulf 2013

Eric keynotes at Clean Gulf 2013

I deliver keynotes, facilitate  or participate on panels, conduct interviews, lead case discussions, and even choreograph the editorial programs of entire conferences. No matter the content or venue, my goal can be summed up in three “i”s: interaction, impact, and involvement. It is all about dialogue, not monologue.

“Eric did a superb job designing and executing editorial and content for our San Jose Sustainability Conference. He has the right balance of temperament and skill – a true master of his craft.”  Bob Johnston, Founder and CEO, Executive Council of New York

Current Topics: Each can be delivered as a keynote, 90-minute seminar, or full- or half-day workshop:


Eric on a White House panel on innovation in disaster response

You’re It! Mastering High-Stakes Meta-Leadership: Leadership moments come for all of us–some planned and some utterly unexpected. Will you be ready to set direction, make decisions, and inspire action when it is needed most? I use the dimensions of meta-leadership developed through work with hundreds of leaders in high stakes situations to help participants develop both their leadership capacity and capability. Key ideas: meta-leadership, crisis leadership, professional development.

Leading in Turbulent Times: Four Pillars of the New Reality: These are challenging times for leaders. I have identified four interdependent “pillar trends” that will have a significant impact on every industry and every global firm in the coming decades: climate change, aging populations, urbanization, and the exponential growth of computing power. I explore the implications for leaders and offer pragmatic guidance for making sense of and increasing impact in an uncertain world. Key ideas: leadership, meta-leadership, sustainability, resilience, cities, climate change, demographics.

Eric discusses high stakes leadership at a CIO summit

Eric discusses high stakes leadership at a CIO summit

Purpose-Values-Performance: Ethics-based Leadership to Boost Profitability: More and more companies strive to do good while doing well yet, too often, ethics and social responsibility are approached as a matter of compliance or a nice-to-do afterthought. I have developed the Purpose-Values-Performance framework and tools to enable to use ethics-driven business practices as the springboard to greater customer and employee engagement that lead to increased profit. Key ideas: leadership, meta-leadership, social responsibility, social innovation, ethics, sustainability.

“I’ve worked with Eric on several projects, including the award-winning Longitudes global thought leadership program for UPS, and the Executive Council’s sustainability conferences. Eric always offers leading edge strategic thinking, a professional approach and warm personality to any project.”
Bruce Danielson, Vice President, Bank of America (formerly of UPS).

I have spoken at and created custom events for organizations such as Accenture, the Arthur Page Society, BeDo, Clean Gulf, Coca-Cola, Columbia Business School, the Executive Council of New York, Harvard Business School Publishing, HMG Strategy, IBM, Marketspace, Nuance, SAS, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and UPS. I developed in-depth learning experiences featuring fellow thought leaders such as Marcus Buckingham, Clayton Christensen, Vijay Govindarajan, and Gary Hamel. I also served as the founding executive producer and frequent host of monthly webcasts for Harvard Business School Publishing.

I am represented for speaking by Leading Thoughts and Monaco Associates.

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