With a Little Help from My Friends…

I am  putting together a book drawn from my recent writing called Leadership Future: Catalyzing Positive Change in a Turbulent World. I will be self-publishing the book and crowdfunding production costs. I am taking this approach because I am dedicating all net proceeds from the book to funding … [Read more...]

The Business Case Against Business Cases

From my interview with Andrew Winston, author of Green to Gold and The Big Pivot: The corporate investment process is typically designed to minimize risk. There are standard hurdle rates to meet and minimum returns on capital to deliver. You have to show profit on the horizon and the potential for … [Read more...]

In a World of Hurt, No More Business as Usual

I originally wrote a version this post for Strategy & Business. It seems more even more prescient as the Ukraine/Russia situation nears the boiling point, the navies of China and Vietnam joust in the South China Sea, and the threats of climate change become ever more apparent. Are you and your … [Read more...]

Lead for Social Impact Webinar — Monday, Nov. 18

Please join me for a discussion of how leaders can catalyze positive social impact in their organizations. It will be practical and thought-provoking. It's free, so please feel to share the link. Thanks! Sign up here. … [Read more...]

Cut-Rate Carbon: Why We’ll Price Carbon Wrong

Two interesting articles appeared next to each other in the New York Times on Wednesday (print edition): One was about calculating the value of the future impact of carbon emitted today. The other was about economist Wynne Godley. Seemingly unrelated, they told an interesting story about the future … [Read more...]