Three Critical Shifts e-Report Now Available

My latest e-book from O'Reilly Media is now available. It expands on my widely read post for strategy+business examining three mental shifts that leaders must make in order to cope with contemporary organizations and situations. The three shifts are: Moving from linearity to complexity: We live … [Read more...]

Three Big Shifts Makes S+B Top 10

I'm pleased to share the news that my column, "Thinking Like a Leader: Three Big Shifts" made it to #3 on the strategy+business top 10 most-read list for 2015. It's an honor to be on a list with Herminia Ibarra, Roger Martin, and so many other notables. More important, I'm happy that the article … [Read more...]

Cultivating Leadership for a Complex World I've recently had the pleasure to speak at two Cultivate conferences put on by O'Reilly Media. The topic has been three big mental shifts leaders need to make to be effective in a complex, fast-moving environment. You can read a strategy+business column on this topic … [Read more...]

Your Critical First Ten Days as a Leader

Forget the first 100 days. As a leader, your impact begins from minute one. Within your first 10 days, your direct reports, boss, peers, and other key stakeholders will take your measure on how much they trust you, whether you inspire confidence, and how effectively you make decisions. These first … [Read more...]

Put the Humanity Back in HR (and our Organizations)

It was quite the coincidence that the NY Times ran an expose on the culture at the day before Strategy+Business posted my column on the need to put more humanity back into our organizations if we are to engage people, unlock their energy and creativity, and bring forth the best in all of … [Read more...]