“We are all given something. It is up to us what we carry forward and what we leave behind.”
~Greg Greenway


Richer Earth is a site that brings together my work with the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard as well as my writing, speaking, and consulting in various venues such as for Strategy+Business, Business Review (China), Harvard Business Review, and others.

I work to increase leadership impact and positive change in a turbulent world. My overarching desire is to help create a society where as many people as possible can contribute to the fullest extent of their ability:

  • To enable “as many people as possible,” I engage in work on leadership, social innovation, and resilience that expands opportunity and breaks down barriers that keep people from finding those opportunities.
  • I use the word “contribute” because I believe that giving is at the root of personal, professional, and societal growth and fulfillment.
  • “To the fullest extent of their abilities” gives voice to my belief that everyone has strengths and abilities — and that the design challenge we collectively face is creating organizations and systems that make it possible for that talent to be unleashed.

If this is achieved, we will have a Richer Earth — socially, environmentally, and economically — and thus the name for this site.

Leadership, broadly distributed and practiced in the pursuit of wisdom, is essential for this journey. I study the natural world and the nested systems of urban environments for insight and clarity on Purpose (utility in the system), Values (honor of the system), and Performance (contributions to the system).

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