Wrapping Up 2013 — and Off to 2014!

future and pastIt has been an interesting and challenging year. There has been a lot to write about on leadership issues. Here is a handy guide to some of what I consider my best pieces in 2013. As always, I welcome your thoughts, comments, and shares:

From Strategy+Business — Let’s Just Stop Calling Them Leaders: a call to move beyond leaderliness to the requirement that individuals actually demonstrate leadership before we deem them worthy of the title of leader. Chosen as one of the top posts of 2013.

From Strategy+BusinessIn Praise of Long-Tenure Cultures: a look at the bravery of Tata Hotel employees in the face of violent terrorists. How many of your employees would put themselves between your customers and an active shooter?

From Strategy+BusinessWhat You Should Accomplish in Your First 10 Days: forget the first 90 days — the demands for leader performance simply won’t wait that long.

You’ll find all of my Strategy+Business columns here.

From HBRHow to Lead During a Data Breach: every executive can learn lessons about crisis leadership through the lens of recent events at Target.

From HBRWhen We’re Hungriest for Leadership: thoughts in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. I have subsequently been involved in an extensive study of leadership of this event. Look for it in 2014.

From HBRDoing the Right Thing or Making a Profit — Which Comes First: does motivation matter when a company “does the right thing”? I argue that it does because the impact results from more than just the act itself.

You’ll find all of my HBR posts here.

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