Green Restaurant Initiative Gathers Steam

In fall 2011 I launched an initiative to “green” the restaurants of my neighborhood, Washington Square, Brookline, Massachusetts. The area is home to the Boston area’s first GRA Certified Green Restaurant, The Fireplace, as well as nearly 20 other dining options from an ice cream shop to fine dining. The project has received the enthusiastic support of The Fireplace’s Chef/Owner, Jim Solomon as well as the Green Restaurant Association (GRA).

The goal is clear: if 25% of the dining options in Washington Square become GRA certified, the GRA will designate the area as the first official Green Dining Zone in the nation. The Fireplace is one. Another is taking steps toward certification. With the recent launch of a new website that allows consumers to take easy, direct initiative to voice their desire for restaurants to “go green.” With one click at, individuals can send an email to almost every restaurant in town.

We recently received a supportive article in the Brookline Tab that gives more detail. You can download the complete proposal for the Green Dining Zone that I made as part of my Master’s program at Lesley University Green Restaurant District. I hope that it will become a model for other communities — a little competition would serve us well.

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