Should Patients Have a Role in Renegotiating the Health Care System?

I think that they do but perhaps that’s a radical notion. My co-authors and I were interviewed by NPR affiliate WBUR on the acrimonious negotiations between Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Tufts Medical Center. Our view: it would be a very different negotiation if patients were also at the table. After all, they have a stake in this too.

Interestingly, we created a scenario quite similar to this in the “novel” that runs throughout our book, Renegotiating Health Care: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration. A battle over money pits a major insurer against a local health system. Each sees the other as the source of pain. Only when they open themselves to see their own role in the problem does it become possible to imagine a new reality in which they both win. We hope that these two real-life organizations come to that same realization.

Please check out the story and leave your thoughts.

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