The Pillar Trends and Leadership

For the past two years I have been writing about the Pillar Trends — urbanization, climate change, the aging of the developed world, and the continued exponential increase in knowledge — and their potential to reshape some of our basic assumptions about how the world works. Most recently I have completed a white paper in collaboration with Kelvin Thomson, founder of the innovative leadership company MontaRosa.

Among our predictions are that leaders will become more system-centric and that the very meaning of the firm will change from self-contained entity to node in a network. In both cases, the importance of system success will grow relative to individual or firm success.  There will be new tensions to balance such as low cost vs. low impact. Each of the predictions is meant more as provocation for thought and conversation — we aren’t vain enough to think that our crystal ball is perfect.

I invite you to read the paper (link below) and share your thoughts. Agree or disagree, your voice is important to the conversation.

Pillar Trends RM final

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