Interviewing Irial Finan of Coca-Cola

I’ll be heading to Orlando in a couple of weeks to interview Irial Finan, head of Coca-Cola’s Bottling Investments and Supply Chain live on stage at InterBev 2010. Irial is a fascinating guy who has a long history with Coca-Cola having held a number of international posts with Coca-Cola bottlers before heading to Atlanta in 2004 to take on his current responsibilities.

Irial Finan of Coca-Cola

We’ll be talking about sustainability: How do you meet the mandate for significant business growth while also reducing its carbon footprint? Supply chain: What are the most vexing challenges of running one of the world’s most global and complex supply chains (the company has more than 300 bottling partners worldwide) given resource scarcity, price volatility, and local market expectations? And leadership: What qualities are most important for a leader in an high visibility, international organization like Coca-Cola today — and in 10 years time?

I find Coca-Cola to be an interesting company as they have embraced end-to-end life cycle responsibility for their product. They also operate locally through their bottlers around the globe and have one of the most diverse management teams I’ve come across; they may be headquartered in Atlanta but they are truly global. We’ll have a lot to talk about.

What questions would you like me to pose to Irial? I’ll be writing a summary of our conversation upon my return.

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