Getting Ready for Sustainable Cities

New York is Going Green

I’m serving as editorial director and moderator of the upcoming Executive Council Sustainability Leadership Forum —  Sustainable Cities: Smarter, Greener, and More Competitive. It has been an interesting event to put together as I’ve interviewed and recruited speakers from companies like Autodesk, Coca-Cola, IBM, Cisco, ARUP, and many others. I’ve learned a lot and look forward to a day of rich, robust discussion.

Amanda Crater, founder of CraterCom, recently interviewed me for apodcast preview of the event: Eric McNulty-Sustainable Cities.

Executives from these large companies all have highly polished stories to tell. Their firms are doing good work and the impact that can be had at the scale at which they operate is significant. My editorial challenge, of course, is to puncture the polish. Not to play “gotcha” but to be sure that the audience gets the insights it needs.

I’m working on my queries: What will the long-term implications of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill be for business in general — not just the extractive industries? Must the cities of the developed world go “brown” before they go “green”? What sustainability opportunities with short payback windows are businesses overlooking?

What are the questions you’d most like me to ask of these executives?

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  • Amanda Crater

    Love that – puncture the polish! Working on my questions now and looking forward to getting more people to weigh in via social media.

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