Great Reviews for Value-Based Sustainability

I generally have a good feeling about how a conference I’ve helped put together has gone by the end of the sessions. You can tell by the buzz in the room and the number of people taking notes. It always helps, however, to have the opinions of others.

CleanTechies was a sponsor of the event and as part of that effort they raffled off some tickets to the event and those people agreed to blog in return. The free pass may make them somewhat biased but I’m gratified by their overall response:

Thomas Rosenberg said, “This event had excellent speakers throughout.  Some of the speakers highlighted what their specific companies were doing and what were the drivers for those priorities.  This component provided excellent examples of early wins and highlighted the importance of proper metrics. ”

Kristen Parinello also gave the conference a positive review. Tamara Becher said, “At last week’s Executive Council summit on Value-Based Sustainability: the Business Case for Clean, Green, and Lean, several best-of-breed companies shared their thoughts on sustainability and the role of consumers.”

You can also check out the highlight reel.

The next summit will be organized around the theme of “The Sustainable City” and will be held in New York on June 8. Your ideas for topics and speakers are welcome.

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