Value-Based Sustainability

The recent Executive Council Value-based Sustainability summit in San Jose was a great experience. I enjoyed moderating the conversation with Libby Reder of eBay and Bob Stoffel of UPS. They had very different yet complementary sustainability stories: eBay’s driven from the bottom up while UPS’s came from their intense engineering focus. Both are leaders in greening their businesses.

I also enjoyed the interview I led with Bryan Jacob of Coca-Cola. Coke will be carbon net-neutral at the Vancouver Olympics and has forged a productive relationship with former antagonist Greenpeace.

“The 2% is a big idea, first because its really 4%… you only need 25 of those solutions to solve the whole thing.”
~ Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E

The key take-aways: there are steps that companies can take that deliver immediate ROI (greening IT and automating energy management are two); the companies that are seeing the greatest success are involved in conversations beyond their own four walls (such as Coke’s with Greenpeace) — they are engaged in the broader dialogue; and measurement is still a struggle as organizations strive to understand which metrics matter most. Analytics are growing in importance. Read my full trip recap on Executive Nomad and see the video highlights on Exec TV.

I enjoyed making new acquaintances: Amanda Crater of CraterCom, Emilie Cowan of Opportunity Green, and Michael Cabot of Autodesk to mention just three.

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