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Latest From Eric McNulty

Your Critical First Ten Days as a Leader

Forget the first 100 days. As a leader, your impact begins from minute one. Within your first 10 days, your direct reports, boss, peers, and other key stakeholders will take your measure on how much … [Read More...]

Put the Humanity Back in HR (and our Organizations)

It was quite the coincidence that the NY Times ran an expose on the culture at Amazon.com the day before Strategy+Business posted my column on the need to put more humanity back into our organizations … [Read More...]

With a Little Help from My Friends…

I am  putting together a book drawn from my recent writing called Leadership Future: Catalyzing Positive Change in a Turbulent World. I will be self-publishing the book and crowdfunding production … [Read More...]

#FF: 15 to Follow for the New Year

Twitter has become a great source of insight, inspiration, and breaking news. With almost everyone jumping on the bandwagon, there is a wide variation in quality. In hopes of improving the … [Read More...]