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The Waves and Streams of Crisis Communications

This post originally appeared at Strategy+Business. Complaints about the media and communications are among the most common my colleagues and I hear from leaders when we study crises. It was a … [Read More...]


The Business Case Against Business Cases

From my interview with Andrew Winston, author of Green to Gold and The Big Pivot: The corporate investment process is typically designed to minimize risk. There are standard hurdle rates to meet and … [Read More...]

Riot Gear

In a World of Hurt, No More Business as Usual

I originally wrote a version this post for Strategy & Business. It seems more even more prescient as the Ukraine/Russia situation nears the boiling point, the navies of China and Vietnam joust in … [Read More...]

questions or decision making concept

Why is Wrong with your Business Model

This post originally appeared on the Strategy+Business blog. Do not adjust your computer screen—that’s not a typo in the headline. Your instinct may be to change that why to a what, but why is … [Read More...]