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Why is Wrong with your Business Model

This post originally appeared on the Strategy+Business blog. Do not adjust your computer screen—that’s not a typo in the headline. Your instinct may be to change that why to a what, but why is … [Read More...]

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Leaderless Beauty

OK, I spend my time studying and writing about leadership. Someday you come across video like this that puts all of that into question. This bird behavior, like much swarming, requires no leaders; all … [Read More...]

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Wrapping Up 2013 — and Off to 2014!

It has been an interesting and challenging year. There has been a lot to write about on leadership issues. Here is a handy guide to some of what I consider my best pieces in 2013. As always, I welcome … [Read More...]


What to Tell Your Customers…

A data breach at Target is eerily close to a fictional scenario that I created for an HBR case study a few years back: Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our Customer Data. I've written about it again for … [Read More...]